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3 Pounder Smooth Bore Gun

3 Pounder Gun

The brass 3 Pounder Smooth Bore (3 Pdr SB) gun was used notably by the Hudson’s Bay Company. The gun is mounted on garrison carriage used in fortifications. Gunners called the 3 Pdr SB guns “grasshoppers”. The cypher on the barrel closest to the muzzle is that of the Master General of Ordnance 1807-1810, the more »

40 Pounder Gun

40 Pounder Armstrong Gun

The Breech Loading Rifled 40 Pounder 35 cwt (hundred weight) gun was used in Canada for mobile and coast defence roles. Introduced in 1859 as a naval gun, the BLR 40 Pounder was also known as the 40 Pounder Armstrong gun because of the Armstrong screw breech mechanism. Originally manufactured with a 32 cwt barrel, more »

SBML 6 Pounder J & H King 1796 UK

SBML 6 Pounder J & H KING 1796 UK RCA Museum

British 1776 pattern 6 pounder smooth bore cannon cast in 1796. Light brass 6-pounder, cast by John and Henry King in 1796. Weight: 600 pounds Length: 5 feet

M109 A2 155MM Self Propelled Howitzer

M109 155MM Self-Propelled Howitzer

The M109 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer entered service with Regular Army field batteries in 1968, initially with Canada’s NATO Brigade Group. Light, parachute and Reserve field batteries in Canada retained L5 and C1 105mm howitzers. The M109 was designed to fight and survive on a high intensity mechanized battlefield against the threat posed by Soviet more »

M7 Self-Propelled Howitzer

M7 Self-Propelled Howitzer RCA Museum

The M7 Self-Propelled 105mm Howitzer was called the “Priest” by troops because the bulge on the right side, designed as a mount for a machine gun, reminded them of the pulpit in a church. Designed and built in the USA, Priests were used in action by Canadians in Italy and North West Europe.  Ninety-six Canadian more »