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105MM L5 PACK Howitzer

The L5 105mm Pack Howitzer (L5 How) was in Canadian service in parachute and light roles 1969-1994.  An Italian design which can be broken down into 11 loads, it was ideal for moving via pack animals and for parachute dropping.  NATO standardized field artillery soon after it was formed, causing Canada to replace all 25 more »

12 Pounder BL UK

The 12 Pounder Rifled Breech Loading Gun (12 Pdr RBL) was in Canadian service 1897-1911, replacing the 9 Pdr RML.  It was the gun used in action by Canadian Gunners during the Boer War.  Examples were retained in service for training in Canada during the early part of the First World War. This gun was more »

13 Pounder Quick Firing Gun

The Quick Firing (QF) 13 pounder was standard equipment for the British Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery during the First World War. In 1906, Canadian units received the QF 13 pounder for the horse artillery and QF 18 pounder for the field artillery.  0n 23 September 1914, the RCHA embarked with more »

155MM M1A1 Howitzer US

The M1A1 155 mm Howitzer replaced the 5.5” Gun in Canadian medium batteries and was in service 1956-1968.  Designed in the USA in 1941, it remains in widespread service today.  In addition to the medium batteries in Canada, one battery in the Artillery regiment stationed with Canada’s NATO brigade was equipped with the M1A1 from more »

18 Pounder Quick Firing MKII

The 18 Pounder Quick Firing Gun (18 Pdr QF) was used in action by Canadian Gunners during the First World War 1914-1918 and in North Russia 1918-1919. The 18 pdr was in Canadian service from 1906-1941, replacing the 12 pdr BL. This was the first modern field gun in Canadian service. It loaded fixed cartridges more »