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Looking for Canadian Forces Member Military Service records?

Please contact the following Government of Canada services for information:

  1. Library and Archives Canada, at, holds all military records. This web address gives access to a lot of information on-line and a contact point for requests at
  2. The Canadian Genealogy Centre, at has Service records for many but not all former Members and links to other sources of information. The records extend back into the colonial era. Much of it is on-line accessible.
  3. Veterans Affairs Canada, at, has certain kinds of information, particularly if a Member has been receiving veteran’s benefits. While they cannot release medical records, they may be able to find Unit and Service Number information.
  4. You may submit an on-line, fax or letter request. Different kinds of information may require proof of relationship to the Members and/or proof of death of deceased Members. Records of Serving Members cannot be requested by anyone other than that Member.
  5. Note that fulfilling research requests takes time and may have a cost associated with the task. The records you receive will show what Canadian Artillery unit your relative served with and the period of service.
  6. The Regimental Headquarters of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, at, is the source of all information on the history and heritage of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.
  7. Publications are available that will assist you in your research. Try your local library or purchase your own through the RCA Kit Shop at and follow the links. Gunners of Canada, Right of the Line and many other reference texts tell the story of Canada’s Gunners. The RCA Museum holds no Personnel Records for individuals. The RCA Museum holds copies of the official War Diaries for Canadian Artillery units in World War II so its staff can trace service in units so long as they have the name of a particular unit and dates of service. Please be specific as to the information required so that we can find what you need as quickly as possible. The RCA Museum holds Unit Histories for many but not all Artillery Units. Its members also hold maps, books and manuals for drill, training, vehicle and gun maintenance and much more.

You may contact The RCA Museum where your request will be routed to the appropriate subject-matter expert.

We are committed to responding to all email and regular mail requests but research requires resources. Therefore, we have instituted a cost recovery fee schedule:

We offer four levels of service to researchers:

  1. Self-Directed Visiting Researcher: The researcher is provided with access to the Museum’s secondary resources through the library coordinator and conducts his/her own research. Staff and volunteers will be available to familiarize the researcher with Museum resources and to carry out photocopying. Appointments should be arranged in advance so that documents can be retrieved from the Archives.
    Fee: $3.00 per visit.
  2. Visiting Researcher With Curatorial Assistance: The researcher is provided access to primary resources through the assistance of our curatorial staff. Appointments should be arranged in advance.
    Fee: $10.00 per visit.
  3. Corresponding Researcher: We offer two levels of service to researchers who are unable to visit the Museum personally:
    1. Initial Review: A staff member will review our finding aids to both primary and secondary sources of information and report to you on any listings found for your request.
      Fee: $10.00.
    2. Directed Research: Working under clear questions and directions, a staff member will conduct research on a specific subject. A written report of our findings will be provided.
      Fee: $25.00 per hour.
    3. Materials fees:
      (1) Photocopies: 25¢ per page;
      (2) Photo scans to CD: $10.00 plus the time required to locate the requested material at $25.00/hr. Oversize scans, such as large-format photographs and maps, will incur an additional charge based on the costs incurred.
      (3) Research materials such as photographs, documents maps that are intended for publication in any form will incur a surcharge. The client must acknowledge, in writing, and give photo or research credit to the RCA Museum in whatever media form the end product of our research may take. Products include reproduced or scanned photographs, written or photocopied material. Surcharge: $50.00 per document.
  4. No material owned by the RCA Museum may be reproduced, downloaded or photocopied without the written approval of the RCA Museum except material to be used for not-for-profit education purposes.