Great Gunners

MGen JF Wilson (1852-1911)

Major-General James “Cupid” Wilson was born in 1852 at Kingston, Ontario; after a short service as an Ensign with the 47th Battalion of Volunteer Infantry, he joined the Kingston Field Battery in 1871 and was attached to “A” Battery of the Permanent Force. He was one of the original officers of “A” Battery. In 1884, more »

Brigadier WS Ziegler CBE, DSO, ED (1911-1999)

An Alberta native, Brigadier William Smith Ziegler was born in Calgary and received his early education there and at the Strathcona High School, Edmonton. He later attended the University of Alberta, graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Having enlisted in the 61st Field Battery of the Non-Permanent Active Militia in 1926 as a boy more »
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