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3 Pounder Gun

3 Pounder Smooth Bore Gun

The brass 3 Pounder Smooth Bore (3 Pdr SB) gun was used notably by the Hudson’s Bay Company. The gun is mounted on garrison carriage used in fortifications. Gunners called the 3 Pdr SB guns “grasshoppers”. The cypher on the barrel closest to the muzzle is that of the Master General of Ordnance 1807-1810, the more »
40 Pounder Armstrong Gun

40 Pounder Gun

The Breech Loading Rifled 40 Pounder 35 cwt (hundred weight) gun was used in Canada for mobile and coast defence roles. Introduced in 1859 as a naval gun, the BLR 40 Pounder was also known as the 40 Pounder Armstrong gun because of the Armstrong screw breech mechanism. Originally manufactured with a 32 cwt barrel, more »
13 pounder 2

13 Pounder Quick Firing Gun

The Quick Firing (QF) 13 pounder was standard equipment for the British Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery during the First World War. In 1906, Canadian units received the QF 13 pounder for the horse artillery and QF 18 pounder for the field artillery.  0n 23 September 1914, the RCHA embarked with more »
BL 8 Inch Howitzer

BL 8 Inch Howitzer MK VI

The Breech Loading (BL) 8″ Howitzer was intended to improve the ability of heavy artillery to destroy trenches and fortifications during WWI. It was introduced into British service in February 1915.  The 8″ Howitzer was initially produced by shortening and boring out obsolete 6″ guns provided by the Royal Navy.  An improved version was built more »
French 75mm

French 75mm Field Gun

The French 75mm Cannon of 1897 was a revolutionary design which made all other guns obsolete. Incorporating the first modern recoil system, a fixed round of ammunition (loaded in one step), a quick action breech and a gun shield, it was capable of extremely high rates of fire.  The French 75mm led all armies to more »
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