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9 Pounder Smooth Bore Gun

As the principle Canadian gun at Confederation, this pattern of 9 Pdr SB was chosen as the badge of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery. The brass 9 Pounder Smooth Bore (9 Pdr SB) gun was in British service 1805-1881.  Canadian Militia Batteries were equipped with this gun 1865-76.  In 1871, A and B Batteries more »

90MM M1A2 US

Developed in 1938, the 90mm A.A. was the standard U.S. heavy anti-aircraft (HAA) gun throughout World war 2 and Korea.  The carriage was designed with a remote power control, allowing the predictor or radar to control the traverse and elevation of the gun, allowing the gunners to concentrate on setting fuses and loading the ammunition.  more »

95MM INF Howitzer MKII UK

In response to the success of the German SIG 33 the British Army required an Infantry Howitzer for direct fire against concrete structures, such as pillboxes in 1942. As a 95 mm Tank Howitzer was already under development it was considered to be a logical starting point.  The howitzer was stripped of its counterweight and more »


ADATS is a low-level short range air defence (SHORAD) system, capable of engaging both air and surface targets. It was manufactured by Oerlikon Contraves based in Zurich, Switzerland, now part of Rheinmetall Defence, and Oerlikon Aerospace in Quebec, which is now Rheinmetall Canada. ADATS was in service as part of the Canadian Forces Low-Level Air more »

Artillery Limber for 25 Pounder Gun

The Artillery Trailer, or “Limber”, was used to carry ammunition and equipment for the gun. The Limber carried 32 rounds of ammunition for the 25 Pdr Field Gun or the 17 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun, along with extra fuses.  The personal kit of the Gunners was carried under a tarp on the metal shelf on the more »

BL 8 Inch Howitzer MK VI

The Breech Loading (BL) 8″ Howitzer was intended to improve the ability of heavy artillery to destroy trenches and fortifications during WWI. It was introduced into British service in February 1915.  The 8″ Howitzer was initially produced by shortening and boring out obsolete 6″ guns provided by the Royal Navy.  An improved version was built more »
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