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10.5cm 18 – 40 German

A light field Howitzer, the 10.5cm Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40 (10.5cm le FH 18/40) was the standard weapon in German divisions during World War II. Brought into service in 1935, le FH 18/40 was progressively modernized throughout the war. A self-propelled variant called the Wespe (Wasp) was also produced. The model 18/40 was issued in 1942 more »

10.5cm FH 16 German

The 10.5cm Leichte Feldhaubitze 16 (FH16) (light field howitzer) was introduced into the German Army in 1916. German divisions each had three batteries of four le FH 16 each until the end of World War I. After the war the guns were kept in service by the small army Germany was allowed to maintain. The more »

10.5cm Leicht Geshutz 42 German

Introduced in 1943, the 10.5cm Leicht Geschutz (light gun) model 1942 (LG 42) was designed for light and parachute operations. The light carriage was made possible by the fact that the gun is recoilless.  Upon firing, enough propelling gas is directed to the rear through the large venturi to counter-balance the recoil force of the more »

105MM Abbott SP Gun

The Abbot manufactured by Vickers entered service with the British Army in 1965. The gun was also used in Germany as part of the British Army of the Rhine and the support of NATO. In Canada the Royal Horse Artillery Regiment used it.  The Abbot was withdrawn from service in 1995, replaced with the AS more »

105MM L5 PACK Howitzer

The L5 105mm Pack Howitzer (L5 How) was in Canadian service in parachute and light roles 1969-1994.  An Italian design which can be broken down into 11 loads, it was ideal for moving via pack animals and for parachute dropping.  NATO standardized field artillery soon after it was formed, causing Canada to replace all 25 more »

12 Pounder BL UK

The 12 Pounder Rifled Breech Loading Gun (12 Pdr RBL) was in Canadian service 1897-1911, replacing the 9 Pdr RML.  It was the gun used in action by Canadian Gunners during the Boer War.  Examples were retained in service for training in Canada during the early part of the First World War. This gun was more »
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