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Welcome to the RCA Museum.  This site is a focal point for telling the story of the Canadian Gunner.  The story of the Canadian Gunner is the record of Canada itself - part of our shared national heritage.  We bring all of the story elements together, in one place, in an accessible way to all Canadians.
The award-winning RCA Museum is Canada's National Artillery Museum, a Manitoba Star Attraction, and one of Canada's largest military museums. The exhibition facility is 24,000 square feet, including more than 12,000 square feet of indoor exhibits, encompassing five galleries and many interactive displays to bring history to life.
RCA History
The National Artillery Gallery is the largest exhibit and features thirty artillery pieces and vehicles.  The Heritage Gallery displays 19th-century artillery.  The Weapons Vault shows almost 100 pistols and rifles.  The Glorious and Free gallery tells the story of Manitoba’s 12,000 years of military history.
The Manitoba Hall of Honour pays tribute to the thirteen Manitobans who received the Victoria Cross and honours those Manitobans who have sacrificed their lives for Canada.  The RCA Museum features an outdoor Gun Park with forty artillery pieces and vehicles.  We run two temporary exhibits each year in the Gregg Gallery to ensure that there is always something new for returning visitors.
Monday – Friday
10 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday
Serving CF & RCMP
Silver Cross Recipients
$ 10
Veterans (inc. RCMP)
$ 5
Seniors (65+)
$ 5
Students (6-18 yrs)
$ 5
Children (under 6 yrs)
Group Rate (10 or more)
$ 4
Optional Guided Tour
$ 20
The RCA Museum
Open from 10 AM to 4 PM – Monday to Friday.
Guided tours are also available by appointment.
Building N-118, Patricia Road, CFB Shilo.
Phone: 204-765-3000 (Ext. 3570)  Email: RCAMuseum@forces.gc.ca