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M-55A 20MM AA GUN USSR RCA Museum

M-55A 20MM Anti-Aircraft Gun USSR

The M-55A triple 20mm anti-aircraft gun was introduced in Yugoslavia in 1955 and used against United Nation forces deployed to the former republic with the United Nations 1991 to 1996, particularily in the area of Sarajevo. Later versions had an attached generator to provide power traversing and a more sophisticated computer assisted sight system.  The more »
M33 M242 TRAILER US RCA Museum

M33 M242 Trailer US

The M242 was the fire-control component of the M33 Anti-Aircraft Fire Control System used by Canada and other NATO countries in the 1950’s.  The M242 radar received data from the M243 (to the right of the M1A1 gun) and accurately tracked a single aircraft target and controlled the laying of anti-aircraft guns.  In Canadian service more »
M7 Self-Propelled Howitzer RCA Museum

M7 Self-Propelled Howitzer

The M7 Self-Propelled 105mm Howitzer was called the “Priest” by troops because the bulge on the right side, designed as a mount for a machine gun, reminded them of the pulpit in a church. Designed and built in the USA, Priests were used in action by Canadians in Italy and North West Europe.  Ninety-six Canadian more »
M2 50 CAL BROWNING Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun RCA Museum

M2 50 CAL Browning Anti-Aircraft Gun

When the Second World War erupted, Canada found itself very ill-equipped for air defence, with only a handful of First World War anti-aircraft (AA) guns on hand. Arrangements were quickly made to purchase 12 M2 Browning .5″ AA machine guns and a further 16 were leased.  The leased guns formed the initial AA defences for more »

Javelin Surface to Air Missile UK

The Javelin is a British-made lightweight daylight/clear weather low-level surface to air missile (SAM).  It was in service with Canadian Air Defence (AD) units 1990-2005.  Javelin replaced a similar first generation system SAM called Blowpipe which was in service 1975-1990.  Javelin is a very flexible system which can be fired from the shoulder or from more »
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