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SBML 6 Pounder J & H KING 1796 UK RCA Museum

SBML 6 Pounder J & H King 1796 UK

British 1776 pattern 6 pounder smooth bore cannon cast in 1796. Light brass 6-pounder, cast by John and Henry King in 1796. Weight: 600 pounds Length: 5 feet

QF 4.7 Inch MKIV UK

The Q.F. (Quick Firing) 4.7 inch MK IV, designed for Naval and Fortress use, was not popular with the gunners as it was awkward to move and difficult to operate. The gun was introduced into service in 1888 for naval and coast defense purposes and also was used by the Army in South African War more »
QF 2 PDR MK IX & X  UK RCA Museum

QF 2 Pounder MK IX & X UK

The 2 Pounder Quick Firing Anti-Tank Gun was the most powerful anti-tank gun in the world when it was introduced. Accepted into British Army service in 1937, the 2 pounder could penetrate 42mm of armour at a 30 degree slope at 1,000 yards.  Examples captured in 1940 at Dunkirk were taken into service by the more »

MGR-1 Honest John Rocket US

The 762mm MGR-1 Honest John was the first nuclear surface to surface rocket deployed by the U.S. Army and was widely used by NATO 1953-1985. Although primarily intended to deliver nuclear weapons, high explosive and nerve gas warheads were also produced.  Honest John was Canada’s only land based tactical nuclear system.  Canada had two Honest more »
M109 155MM Self-Propelled Howitzer

M109 A2 155MM Self Propelled Howitzer

The M109 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer entered service with Regular Army field batteries in 1968, initially with Canada’s NATO Brigade Group. Light, parachute and Reserve field batteries in Canada retained L5 and C1 105mm howitzers. The M109 was designed to fight and survive on a high intensity mechanized battlefield against the threat posed by Soviet more »
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