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122MM M1938 Howitzer

Used by the Red Army during World War II, the 122mm M1938 Howitzer was widely used by the Soviet Union and its allies during the Cold War. The 122mm M1938 Howitzer was introduced into the Red Army in September 1939.  It was the standard Soviet divisional towed howitzer into the 1960’s.  Captured examples were used more »

13 Pounder Quick Firing Gun

The Quick Firing (QF) 13 pounder was standard equipment for the British Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery during the First World War. In 1906, Canadian units received the QF 13 pounder for the horse artillery and QF 18 pounder for the field artillery.  0n 23 September 1914, the RCHA embarked with more »

155MM Howitzer M114 – 39 EXP CAN

M114/39 are converted M114 155mm (M1A2) originally manufactured by Sorel Industries Ltd in Quebec. The main upgrades being a new M185 39-calibre barrel with larger chamber and increased 1:20 twist rifling by RDM Technologies in the Netherlands. Modifications also include moving the carriage and jack forward to match a new center of gravity. The RDM more »

155MM Long Tom Gun

The 155mm M2 Gun (nicknamed “Long Tom”) was one of the most effective pieces of heavy artillery produced by the United States during WWII. The United States, entering the First World War without modern heavy artillery, adopted the French 155mm GPF.  Between the two world wars, they redesigned and improved the gun resulting in the more »

155MM M1A1 Howitzer US

The M1A1 155 mm Howitzer replaced the 5.5” Gun in Canadian medium batteries and was in service 1956-1968.  Designed in the USA in 1941, it remains in widespread service today.  In addition to the medium batteries in Canada, one battery in the Artillery regiment stationed with Canada’s NATO brigade was equipped with the M1A1 from more »

15cm sFH 18 German

In 1941, the 15cm Schwere Feldhaubitze 18 (heavy field Howitzer model 18) (15cm sFH 18) was the first gun to fire a rocket assisted projectile in battle. Introduced into the German Army in 1935, the sFH 18 was the principle heavy Howitzer in German divisions in World War II.  The rocket assisted projectile was issued more »
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