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QF 2 Pounder MK IX & X UK

The 2 Pounder Quick Firing Anti-Tank Gun was the most powerful anti-tank gun in the world when it was introduced. Accepted into British Army service in 1937, the 2 pounder could penetrate 42mm of armour at a 30 degree slope at 1,000 yards.  Examples captured in 1940 at Dunkirk were taken into service by the more »

QF 4.7 Inch MKIV UK

The Q.F. (Quick Firing) 4.7 inch MK IV, designed for Naval and Fortress use, was not popular with the gunners as it was awkward to move and difficult to operate. The gun was introduced into service in 1888 for naval and coast defense purposes and also was used by the Army in South African War more »

SBML 6 Pounder J & H King 1796 UK

British 1776 pattern 6 pounder smooth bore cannon cast in 1796. Light brass 6-pounder, cast by John and Henry King in 1796. Weight: 600 pounds Length: 5 feet

Universal Carrier

In Gunner service, the Universal Carrier Ford No 3 Mark 2 was used as a vehicle to carry Forward Observation Officers and their radio operators to direct artillery fire. It was also used as an ammunition carrier and towing vehicle in Canadian Anti-Tank Regiments in conjunction with 2 and 6 Pounder Anti-Tank guns. The Universal more »

ZPU-4 Anti-Aircraft Gun 14 YUGO

The ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun, introduced by the Soviet Union in 1949, was a major threat to U.S. helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War. The ZPU-4 was widely used by Communist countries throughout the Cold War.  The gun has also been used in combat by North Korea, Iraq and several Middle Eastern nations.  A simple, robust more »
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