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5C M PAK 38 GER RCA Museum

5CM PAK 38 German

Produced in 1938, the 5 cm Panzerabwerkanone (anti-tank gun) model 1938 (PAK 38)  was at one point used by the Luftwaffe as an anti-aircraft gun. The PAK 38 was issued to the German Army in late 1940 to replace the 3.7cm PAK 36, which had become ineffective.  Although better guns became available, the PAK 38 more »
6 Pounder C MKII Anti-Tank Gun UK RCA Museum

6 Pounder C MKII Anti-Tank Gun UK

The 6 Pounder Quick Firing Anti-Tank (6 Pdr Atk) Gun replaced the 2 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in Canadian service in 1942.  It was used in action by Canadian Anti-Tank Regiments and Infantry Battalion Anti-Tank Platoons in all theatres until 1945.  It remained in Canadian service until 1957.  Ammunition improvements saw armour penetration rise from 74mm more »
6IN 26CWT MK1 HOW. UK RCA Museum

6 Inch 26 CWT MK1 Howitzer UK

The BL 6 inch 26 cwt (hundred weight) Howitzer was introduced in 1915 to replace obsolete medium howitzers in the British Army during the First World War.  This gun was the first to use the ‘Asbury’ breech mechanism that required only a single motion to open the breech greatly increasing the rate of fire.  By more »
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