12 Pounder BL

The Canadian Artillery used the 12 Pounder Rifled Breech Loading Gun (12 Pounder RBL) during the Boer War (1899-1902).

The 12 Pounder RBL was in Canadian service from 1897-1911, replacing the 9 Pounder RML.  The 12 Pounder RBL was breech-loading and an improvement from the older muzzle-loading models. 

The 12 Pounder included a one-piece, rifled steel barrel, a self-contained firing mechanism, and breech-loading technology that increased the fire rate.  However, despite being fitted with brakes and a recoil spade under the trail, the gun still had no effective recoil system.  Re-aiming after every shot remained necessary. 

Canada retained some of the guns for training during the First World War.

Weight of Projectile: 12 Pounds

Range: 6,000 yards

Detachment: Gun and limber, two ammunition wagons, 9 Gunners, 9 Drivers and 20 horses