12 Pounder BL UK

The 12 Pounder Rifled Breech Loading Gun (12 Pdr RBL) was in Canadian service 1897-1911, replacing the 9 Pdr RML.  It was the gun used in action by Canadian Gunners during the Boer War.  Examples were retained in service for training in Canada during the early part of the First World War.

This gun was a considerable improvement over the old 9 Pdr RML.  Loading via the breech instead of muzzleloading greatly improved the rate of fire, but this was offset by the fact that, in spite of being fitted with brakes and a recoil spade under the trail, the gun still had no effective recoil system.  Re-aiming after every shot remained necessary.


RANGE: 6,000 yards

DETACHMENT: Gun and limber, two ammunition wagons, 9 Gunners, 9 Drivers and 20 horses