25 Pounder Gun

The Quick Firing 25 Pounder was the standard field gun for the Canadian Artillery during the Second World War.

It was designed to replace both the 18 Pounder and the 4.5″ Howitzer with the initial issue in England in 1940. The guns were fitted with a muzzle brake in 1943. The unique platform allowed the gun an unprecedented 360 degrees of traverse. A self-propelled version mounted on a Ram Tank was made in Canada, which equipped all Commonwealth and Polish armoured divisions.

Canadians used the 25 Pounder in action in Sicily, Italy and Northwest Europe (1943-45), and in Korea (1951-53). It remained in Canadian service until 1956.

Weight of projectile: 25 pounds (11.34 kilograms)
Range: 13,400 yards (12,250 meters)
Detachment: Gun and limber, Field Artillery Tractor and 6 Gunners