M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer

The M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer is currently in use with the Canadian Forces. The Regiment used the M777 as their primary gun in Afghanistan.

The M777 is lighter than any gun of its kind. Compared to the M109 Howitzer, the M777 weighs 80% less and is more practical to transport by aircraft, helicopter, or truck.

The gun has excellent operational flexibility and can fire a 155-millimetre projectile in roles formerly only achieved by lighter calibre weapons.

Equipped with a digitized fire control system and capable of firing precision-guided munitions that use GPS data and inertial navigation, the M777 can hit targets with unprecedented accuracy.

Weight of projectile: 98 pounds (44.45 kilograms)

Range: 30/40 kilometres (18.5/25 miles) Excalibur

Detachment: Gun and towing vehicle, and 10 gunners