Research Requests

The RCA Museum Research Fees and Policy

1. Research:

A) Corresponding Research Requests.
Working on a specific question, a staff member will research for up to 20 minutes free of charge. Donations are always appreciated but not required. An email containing our findings will be provided.

For more detailed research questions taking more than 20 minutes, we charge $25 per hour. A written report of our findings will be provided.

B) Visiting Research Requests.
The researcher is provided with access to the museum’s archives through staff and conducts his/her own research free of charge. Staff or volunteers will be available to familiarize the researcher with museum resources.

2. Material Fees:

A) Photocopies – .25 per page.

B) Research materials such as photographs, document maps that are intended for publication in any form will incur a surcharge. The client must acknowledge, in writing, and give photo or research credit to The RCA Museum in whatever media form the end product of our research may take. Products include reproduced or scanned photographs, written or photocopied material. Surcharge: $25.00 per document.

3. Policy:

No material owned by The RCA Museum may be reproduced, downloaded or copied without the written approval of The RCA Museum except material to be used for not-for-profit educational purposes.