UBIQUE in Latin means “EVERYWHERE.”  Because the Artillery has been present in all significant land operations, the RCA has been granted the motto UBIQUE as an honorary distinction to “take the place of all past, and future battle honours and distinctions gained in the field.”

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of A and B Batteries, the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery is observing a number of events across Canada in 2021.  The UBIQUE 150 events are of historical importance to the Regiment and Canada itself.  These events provide a platform for the Regiment to celebrate its unique history and heritage.

The RCA remains a key and active member of the Canadian Army.  The RCA is a family of regular and reserve soldiers that depend on each other.  The RCA is more than just the guns and guaranteed close support for the infantry.  They provide surveillance and target acquisition, fire support coordination, airspace coordination, 24/7 precision strike, ground-based air defence and more.  UBIQUE 150 provides a platform to celebrate the Regiment.