The Royal Regiment – Present Day

Today, the Royal Regiment has Regular Force and Reserve Force units.  The Canadian Army calls the Regular Force units the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, RCHA, and the Reserve Force units the Field Artillery Regiments, RCA. 

The Regular Force has five units, including four operational regiments and one artillery school.  The four front line regiments include 1 RCHA in Shilo, 2 RCHA in Petawawa, 4 RCA (General Support) in Gagetown, and 5 RALC in Valcartier.

The Royal Artillery has Reserve Force units across Canada.  The Captain General of the Royal Regiment is the reigning Sovereign.  The Colonel Commandant is the honourary head of the Royal Regiment. 

The Senior Serving Gunner is the highest-ranking Artillery General Officer.  The Regimental Colonel provides leadership for lines of operation.  The Commander Home Station (Base Commander) helps to maintain the traditions and history of the Regiment.