105MM L5 PACK Howitzer

The L5 105mm Pack Howitzer (L5 How) was in Canadian service in parachute and light roles 1969-1994.  An Italian design which can be broken down into 11 loads, it was ideal for moving via pack animals and for parachute dropping.  NATO standardized field artillery soon after it was formed, causing Canada to replace all 25 Pounders with the 105mm C1 Howitzer (a version of the US M101A1).  Use of the L5 ensured that Canadian light artillery also used 105mm ammunition.

Each Parachute Detachment operated their L5 or two 81mm mortars.  E Battery (Parachute) was converted to field artillery shortly after the L5 How was retired.  Canada currently does not maintain a parachute artillery capability.           


RANGE: 10,000 metres (11,000 yards)     

DETACHMENT: Gun and 7 Gunners