9 Pounder Smooth Bore Gun

As the principle Canadian gun at Confederation, this pattern of 9 Pdr SB was chosen as the badge of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

The brass 9 Pounder Smooth Bore (9 Pdr SB) gun was in British service 1805-1881.  Canadian Militia Batteries were equipped with this gun 1865-76.  In 1871, A and B Batteries became the first professional Canadian military forces and were equipped with these guns until 1873.

The gun fired round shot, loaded into the muzzle.  The gun has no recoil system and rolled backwards with each shot, making re-positioning and re-aiming necessary between every round.

This gun was cast in 1812 and is on an original 1859 pattern 12 hundredweight field carriage.

Weight of Projectile: 9 pounds (4.4 kilograms)

Range: 1,400 yards (1,280 meters)

Detachment: gun and limber, ammunition wagon, 12 gunners and 13 horses