9 Pounder Rifled Gun

The 9 Pounder Rifled Muzzle Loading Gun (9 Pdr RML) was the first gun used by Canadian Gunners and deployed during the North-West Rebellion of 1885.

It was in Canadian service 1873-1897, replacing the 9 Pdr SB.  The gun still has no recoil mechanism and must be repositioned after each shot.

This gun is on loan from the RCMP.  It was used by A Battery during the battles of Fish Creek and Batoche in 1885.  It is also the gun used to carry the Canadian Unknown Soldier to his tomb at the National War Memorial during his funeral in Ottawa on 28 May 2000.

Weight of projectile: 9 pounds (4.08 kilograms)

Range: 3,200 yards (2,926 meters)

Detachment: gun and limber, ammunition wagon, 10 gunners and 13 horses