Javelin Surface to Air Missile UK

The Javelin is a British-made lightweight daylight/clear weather low-level surface to air missile (SAM).  It was in service with Canadian Air Defence (AD) units 1990-2005. 

Javelin replaced a similar first generation system SAM called Blowpipe which was in service 1975-1990.  Javelin is a very flexible system which can be fired from the shoulder or from the light-weight multiple launcher (LML) on display here.  Due to simplicity and light weight, Javelin could be used in parachute, airmobile and dismounted operations.  The firer simply keeps the cross hairs in the aiming unit sight on the aircraft and the missile is automatically guided to the target.

Javelin was deployed on Canadian warships to bolster their AD capability during the First Gulf War 1990-91.  The missiles, operated by Gunners from 119 Air Defence Battery, were deployed both on the LML and in the shoulder fired mode.

Low-level AD for the Canadian Army is currently provided by the ADATS SAM system.           

WEIGHT OF MISSILE: 15kg/3.2 kg warhead (34 Pounds/7 pound warhead)

SPEED OF MISSILE: 2,600 kph (1,600 mph)

GUIDANCE: command radio link/auto-pilot

RANGE: 4.5 km

DETACHMENT: SAM and 3 Gunners