10.5cm 18 – 40 German

A light field Howitzer, the 10.5cm Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40 (10.5cm le FH 18/40) was the standard weapon in German divisions during World War II.

Brought into service in 1935, le FH 18/40 was progressively modernized throughout the war. A self-propelled variant called the Wespe (Wasp) was also produced. The model 18/40 was issued in 1942 and used a modified 7.5cm PAK 40 anti-tank gun carriage to simplify production.

The le FH 18/40 fired a heavier projectile than most of the opposing forces, but it had a shorter range (10,675m/11,675yds with standard ammunition). A special long-range projectile was introduced during the war, but Soviet guns retained a range advantage throughout the conflict.

Projectile: 14.25 kilograms (31.42 pounds)

Range: 12,325 metres (13,479 yards)

Detachment: gun, limber, horses and towing vehicle and 7 gunners