10.5cm Leicht Geshutz 42 German

Germany introduced the gun in 1943.  The 10.5cm Leicht Geschutz (light gun) model 1942 (LG 42) was designed for light and parachute operations.

The light carriage was made possible by the fact that the gun is recoilless.  Upon firing, enough propelling gas is directed to the rear through the large venturi to counter-balance the recoil force of the weapon.  The result is a large firing signature known as “backblast.”  A danger area of 50m (55yds) behind the gun had to be kept clear to avoid injuries to the detachment.

The gun was mainly used in support of mountain warfare in Norway, Finland and on the Eastern Front.  Production ceased in 1944, but the gun remained in service until 1945.

Projectile: 14.8 Kilograms (32.63 pounds)

Range: 7,950 metres (8,695 yards)

Detachment: gun and 7 gunners