155MM Howitzer M114 – 39 EXP CAN

M114/39 are converted M114 155mm (M1A2) manufactured initially by Sorel Industries Ltd in Quebec. The main upgrades being a new M185 39-calibre barrel with a larger chamber and increased 1:20 twist rifling by RDM Technologies in the Netherlands. Modifications also include moving the carriage and jack forward to match a new center of gravity. The RDM conversion enabled the gun to fire extended range ammunition. RDM converted two Canadian M114’s; however, Canada did not proceed with further conversions.

Weight of Projectile: 98 pounds (44.5 kilograms)

Range: ERFB 24,600m
ERFB-BB 32,400m

Detachment: gun, towing vehicle (5 tonne 6×6) and 11 Gunners