15cm sFH 18 German

In 1941, the 15cm Schwere Feldhaubitze 18 (heavy field Howitzer model 18) (15cm sFH 18) was the first gun to fire a rocket assisted projectile in battle.

Introduced into the German Army in 1935, the sFH 18 was the principle heavy Howitzer in German divisions in World War II.  A rocket-assisted projectile was issued in 1941, although it was not considered entirely successful and was withdrawn.  A self-propelled version called the Hummel (Bumblebee) was also produced.

The gun was used in all theatres throughout World War II and remained in widespread service well into the Cold War, with Finland finally retiring a modernized version in 2007.

Projectile: 43.5 kilograms (96 pounds)

Range: 13,250 metres (14,490 yards)

Detachment: gun, limber, horses and towing vehicle and 12 gunners