7.5cm PAK 40 German

The 7.5cm Panzerabwerkanone (anti-tank gun) model 1940 (PAK 40) was the main German Army anti-tank gun from late 1941 until the end of World War II.

Towed and self-propelled variants were produced. The gun was sometimes issued as a field gun due to shortages of howitzers. With a tungsten projectile, it was capable of penetrating 80mm of armour plate sloped at 30 degrees at 1,800 metres and 115mm at 500 metres. A high explosive (HE) round was also produced for the gun. The PAK 40 remained in service into the early Cold War with several Eastern European countries.

The gun used mainly steel instead of alloys in order to ensure the shield could protect the detachment from small arms fire, but this made it heavy and hard to handle.

Projectile: HE 6 kilograms (13.23 pounds); HC 3 kilograms (6.62 pounds)

Range: HE 3,375 metres (3,690 yards); HC 3,795 metres (4,150 yards)

Crew: gun, towing vehicle and 7 gunners