9 Pounder Smooth Bore Cannon

In 1867, Canadian Gunners used the 9 Pounder Smooth Bore Cannon (9 Pounder SB) as their primary field gun.  The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery features the 9 Pounder SB on their cap badge.

The brass 9 Pounder SB was in British service from 1805-1881.  Canadian militia batteries used the gun from 1865-1876.  In 1871, A & B Batteries became the first full-time and regular Canadian militia elements and used the 9 Pounder SB until 1873.

The 9 Pounder SB fired a round shot loaded from the muzzle.  With no recoil system, the gun rolled backward after each fire, making repositioning and re-aiming necessary between rounds.

This gun was cast in 1812 and is on an original 1859 pattern 12 hundredweight field carriage.

Weight of projectile: 9 pounds (4.4 kilograms)

Range: 1,400 yards (1,280 meters)

Detachment: gun and limber, ammunition wagon, 12 gunners and 13 horses