Fire Control Trailer M243 US

The M243 was an early warning component of the M33 Anti-Aircraft Fire Control System used by Canada and other NATO countries in the 1950s.

The M243 carried the Early Warning (EW) radar, which was deployed on a large tripod on the ground and fed its data directly to the M242 Fire Control trailer (located beside the M1A1 gun).  The radar provided wide area coverage to allow threatening aircraft to be tracked by the M242 radar for engagements.

In addition to the M1A1 90mm guns, the M33 system was the fire-control system for the Ajax missile.  The M33 system was retired when the M1A1 90mm guns went out of service.   This example was brought back into service to conduct trials of the CL-89 drone in Shilo 1968-70.  An example of the drone is on display inside the museum.

Range: 28,000 yards (25,600 metres)

Detachment: M33 System – 3 fire control, trailers, generator trailer, 4 towing vehicles, light truck and 10 gunners