MGR-1 Honest John Rocket US

The 762mm MGR-1 Honest John was the first nuclear surface to surface rocket deployed by the U.S. Army and was widely used by NATO 1953-1985. Although primarily intended to deliver nuclear weapons, high explosive and nerve gas warheads were also produced. 

Honest John was Canada’s only land-based tactical nuclear system.  Canada had two Honest John units 1960-70: 1st Surface to Surface Missile (SMM) Battery in Germany and 2nd SSM Training Battery at CFB Shilo.  Nuclear warheads for the missiles were only held in Germany.  On the launcher is an MGR-1B (M50) rocket, identifiable by the small tail fins.  Some 7,800 MGR-1B rockets were produced 1960-65.

Warhead: MGR-1B W31 variable yield 2 to 30 kiloton nuclear

Range: MGR-1B 5 to 50 km (3 to 30 miles)

Detachment: M385 5 Ton Launcher truck, truck towing wind measurement trailer and 13 gunners.