Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) General Service trucks were among the workhorses of the Canadian Army during WWII.  It was able to carry 15 hundredweight (approx. ¾ ton) of personnel or cargo. 

Ford and Chevrolet both produced this type of vehicle during the war.  Each company used their own engine, transmission and axle assemblies, but the basic vehicles were the same, allowing for interchangeable parts for repairs and maintenance.

On display here is a Chevrolet-built example with the improved British Cab 12 design.  Its four-wheel drive and short wheelbase made it a very maneuverable and fast vehicle.

CMPs were used by Commonwealth forces during and after WWII.  Many were given as assistance to war-ravaged countries where some remained in service into the 1990s.

Maximum Speed: 74 km/h (46 mph)

Engine: 216 cubic inch, 6 cylinder in-line, 85 hp 

Crew: Driver and co-driver