The RCA Museum's Ubique 150 Exhibit

Welcome to the RCA Museum’s Ubique 150 temporary exhibit.  This exhibit aims to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the formation of A and B Batteries.  These units were the first “full-time” or “regular” elements of the post-Confederation Canadian Army.  They represent a significant step in the evolution of Canada.

In 2021, the RCA Museum will celebrate Ubique 150 as part of a meaningful local, regional, and national activities.  The Regiment designed the campaign to nurture the esprit de corps, celebrate our regimental heritage, and connect with Canadians.  The exhibit will run from March to December 2021.

The founding of A and B Batteries

After Confederation, Britain pushed for Canada to provide for its defence.  By 1871, most of the Imperial troops had left, except in Halifax.  Canada responded by authorizing A and B Batteries of Garrison Artillery and Schools of Gunners in Kingston, Ontario and Quebec City, Quebec.  LCol G. A. French commanded A Battery and LCol T. B. Strange commanded B Battery.

These initial two batteries were “total force” units and had a profound impact.  They helped provide well trained NCO’s and Gunners across Canada.  They established themselves as an efficient branch of the Canadian militia. 

Today, A and B Batteries of the 1 RCHA can trace their origins to these batteries’ formation.  They present part of the early history of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.  They were the first full-time Canadian militia elements and represented a watershed event in Canadian military history.

The Meaning of Ubique 150

The Ubique 150 events are of historical importance to the Regiment and Canada itself.  These events provide a platform for The Royal Regiment to celebrate their unique history and heritage.  They contribute to the Regimental Family Strategy mission of “fostering a credible, relevant, cohesive and valued Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.”

The celebration advances at least five of the strategy’s goals, including heritage recognition, development and employment, leadership advancement, nurturing the regimental family, and connecting with Canadians.

The RCA remains a key and active member of the Canadian Army.  The RCA is a family of regular and reserve soldiers that depend on each other.  The RCA is more than just the guns and guaranteed close support for the infantry.  They provide surveillance and target acquisition, fire support coordination, airspace coordination, 24/7 precision strike, ground-based air defence and more.  The Ubique 150 provides a platform to celebrate the Regiment.


It is important to celebrate our military heritage.  Events such as this act as learning tools and for the next generation.  It is an honour to present the RCA Museum’s Ubique 150 temporary exhibit.  We are immensely proud of the contributions and achievements of the Regiment over the past 150 years.

The 150th celebration of A and B Batteries’ founding creates an excellent opportunity to celebrate the unique history and heritage of the Royal Regiment.  The past reinforces the attributes of the Regiments and encourages new contributions.